If you can't find the available time slot you want online, try calling in if possible. Our Spa Receptionist has better back-end control of adjusting the schedules and might be able to find the time slot or therapist you prefer for you.
  • Insert Country Code - Please insert +65 (Singapore country code) in front of your most contactable telephone number when entering your details.

  • State name of preferred therapist - Please enter name of your preferred therapist in the "additional information" box. If you have no preferred therapist, please enter "Nil" in the "additional information" box. Customers who didn't enter name of their request Therapist in the "additional info" box wil be eventually assigned to a different therapist from what's assigned by the booking system.

  • Please refer to operating hours stated in the locations page of our web site. Online booking is available for appointments at least 2 hours in advance.

  • Only one appointment slot can be booked at each time. If you need 2 appointment slots, you need to book twice.

  • Only available appointment time slots are visible.

  • Booking time on the booking site has been synchronized with our Singapore operating hours.
    Please ignore the mention of "Alaska" on the online booking site.

  • Please contact us by phone if you need any assistance.